Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A momentary thought...

It is well. <3

On Election Results

If it were hopeless then I guess women should have never fought for the right to vote. If it were hopeless then I guess MLKjr should have never had a dream. If it were hopless then we should have never fought to abolish slavery.

If it were hopeless th
en I suppose we could have just given up when the british soldiers were taking over our homes. Raping our women. Burning down our towns. and brutally murdering anyone who wouldnt swear fealty to the king.

Youll never wins, and the word "hopeless" PUSH the best of us to never give up.

If we had listened to that word "hopeless" we would not be the America we are today, we would not have our liberties, we wouldnt even have our country OR our constitution

I still believe in freedom and justice, and THAT is why I voted (and would still vote) for Gary Johnson. So we didnt get it this time, ok. We dont get a bad attitude and go cry in a corner. We fight HARDER because now they know we're here! That's the point in all this.

If you want to look down on me for that, thats ok. In the end it doesnt matter.

Rome wasnt built in a day, it takes time and dedication. None of these great things happened over night. But we're still fighting, and we believe in change. We believe in an even greater America!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I don't know what's right or what to do Anymore.

Ive been crying for 3 hours, I can't figure anything out. My parents don't even want to look at me, don't believe me anymore. They're even convinced my whole case was madeup or some conspiracy. I thought it was bad before, but this I can't handle. I don't know anymore, I don't know anything.

I have all these dark thoughts in my head. I can't take this anymore, I'm so overwhelmed. I'm not ok, I wish I could talk to someone who would understand or just listen patiently.

I feel so sick.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I SERIOUSLY need one of these for Fawnaso she can go climb the petroglyphs with me.
We finally found them on our walk but shes to tiny for the boulders... hmm. How do those other body wrap things with the fabric work? I could wrap her in one of those like a baby. Shes TOTALLY ley me do it too. Sounds like a fun project, ha!
More to come!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Yesterday, I got a good day of gaming and movies in, chill with Khalil and all- even somethin for youtube. I felt really foreign (but good)to really laugh. I guess I mean laugh without forcing it or feeling scripted. Geez, I think my stomach was hurting from laughing so hard at one point. Im really thankful to have new friends now, it feels good to finally start healing.

Maybe I'm getting myself back and I can finally move forward.

"Youve got to keep your mind wide open, all the possibilities"

Monday, October 31, 2016

Dang song stuck in my head. <3 Adam Levine Tho. <3

Rather strange Halloween, I'm feeling SOOOOO stir crazy missing all the parties, just knowing everyone's out.

I even have multiple invites I can't make. MARK MY WORDS, when I can drive again I'll be having some GRAND adventures.